nedjelja, 27. siječnja 2008.

More stitch markers

Vicki from Simple knits has a very fun contest on her blog. It's called "What can I knit with 1-285 yards of yarn?" and the idea is to make a huge collection of patterns that call for 1 ball of yarn, or less. Since I tend to buy yarn just because it's pretty i have a lot of single skeins, and I love the idea. I've sent her a link with my favorite sock pattern that uses less then 285v yards of yarn, and I've also donated some stitch markers for the prize. Wanna see?

nedjelja, 6. siječnja 2008.

Stitch markers

Here are the stitch markers that will be donated for a prize in Magic-loop-along on Ravelry. Pink ones fit up to US 5 needles, and red-purple and green ones fit the needles up to US 10. Red-purple ones were my first time doing this design, I think they work really well, I like them more than other kinds of stitch markers.