nedjelja, 28. listopada 2007.

Charity hat

This is a basic pattern I use as a base for all my hats. It could as well be written as a hat recipe. Basically, you cast on 40-45 worth of stitches, and try to make it a multiple of 6, 7, 8 or 9(&). Knit a few rows of ribbing, and then keep knitting stockinette untill you reach a top of the head. Then divide stitches in groups acording to [&], decrease at the beginning of each group every other row, and keep knitting untill you have [&] stitches left:)

Yarn: Unitas Marija, cca 65 g
Needles: US 10 / 6mm
Gauge: 14 sts & 20 rows/4"

CO 64. Place marker. Join in the round.
Rounds 1-5: (K2, P2)*
Rounds 6-31: K*
Round 32: (SSK, K6)*
Round 33: K*
Round 34: (SSK, K5)*
Round 35: K*
Round 36: (SSK, K4)*
Round 37: K*
Round 38: (SSK, K3)*
Round 39: K*
Round 40: (SSK, K2)*
Round 41: K*
Round 42: (SSK, K1)*
Round 43: K*
Round 44: SSK*

Thread yarn through remaining stitches and pull tight.
Make a pom-pom and attach to the top.

Feel free to make as many hats as you want, share to pattern with anybody, sell the hats you make from it... Also, feel free to experiment, using different stitches and yarns.

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